Donnerstag, 8. Oktober 2015

BQ Witbox Extruder Service And Rebuild

This is a tutorial how to service your 3D printer extruder.

Sometimes it does happen that my extruder gets jammed. I don't know yet why this is happening, maybe it just gets dirty over time or there is a slight change of the diameter in the filament.

Every time this happens it makes me nervous and I get very angry.

But this doesn't have to be like that... Doing the maintenance on your extruder is easier than it looks at the beginning.

To start, you need the following basic hand tools:

1. Allen keys
2. Drill bit
3. Hand drill machine
4. 7 & 8mm wrench

Disassembling of the extruder:

Before you begin check the temperature reading on the display! It should not be hotter than 25°C!

1. Switch the printer off, unplug it completely and wait 10 minutes to be sure there is no current in the electrical system.

2. Press the blue ring a little bit inside and pull out the plastic tube.

3. Take the allen key and loose the two screws holding the front fan.

4. Loose the small air spout under the side mounted fan.

5. Take out the two screws on the side mounted fan.

6. There are two small screws holding the support from the side mounted fan. Carefully take them out.

7. Loosen the two hidden screws holding the stepper motor.

8. Disconnect the stepper motor! Don't let it hang on it's cable! Clean the pulley with a brush or piece of cloth.

9. Get underneath your extruder and loosen the two screws holding the extruder assembly in place.

10. Carefully disconnect the cables from the hot-end and the temperature sensor.

11. On your extruder assembly take out the small set screw. Now you can slide out the pipe with the attached hot end support and nozzle.

12. On the top side of the hot end support there is another small set screw. Take this one out and remove the hot end from the support.

13. Take a 8mm wrench and carefully remove the pipe from the hot end support.

14. Turn the hot end support and remove the nozzle with an 7mm wrench.

15. Clean all parts carefully. If something is stuck inside the pipe, take a very small 0.5mm drill bit and carefully drill out the remaining filament.

16. If something doesn't look like it should, it would be a good time to replace the part.

17. When everything is clean, you can rebuild your extruder assembly vice versa.

You are done! You have completely serviced your extruder assembly.



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  1. good advice.. just one thing? 0.5mm drill to clean the pipe? not 0.4 mm like te nozzle?? the pipe diameter should be 1.75mm like the filament.. and the nozzle should be drilled out with a 0.4mm drillbit like the originaly size and not 0.5mm like you say.. correct me if im wrong.. also doing this will be hard to keep it perfectly centerd and smooth exit with sharp edges on the tip otherwise it will not give a smooth ironed finishing on the top layer