Freitag, 1. Juli 2016

DIY Pool Noodle FPV Racing Gates

DIY Pool Noodle FPV Racing Gates

As i started flying FPV more often with my friend, we soon wanted some more demanding race tracks. In the cool FPV race videos on youtube they use this racing gates from different companies.

I searched the web for a few nice FPV racing gates, but after reading a few reviews from the quality of different gates I was not sure if i'm ready to spend 40-130 CHF for just one gate...

So i just thought i could make some by myself using the well known and cheaply available pool noodle =)

1. I bought 6 pool noodles for 5 CHF a piece.

2. I searched in the craftsmen shop for a plastic pipe in the right dimension to connect the pool noodles. Unfortunately I could not find something that was in the right dimension. So i just I designed a connector piece to connect two pool noodles together. This will give me a variable height of about 120cm. The second design was a foot piece with 6 holes so i can fix the gate by using some camper nails. As i already own a 3D printer i printed the parts. It was a very long print job, it took about 15h for one set (1 connector and 2 feet)

3. The fit of the connector and the foot part was just right so i could slide the pool noodle in the 3D printed parts.

4. This is the gate standing in my hobby room. Hopefully I can try them this Saturday if they withstand the abuse of real FPV racing =)

5. You can download the .stl files from here:

6. The field-test of the gates was with my friend. You can find the movie here: 

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